Austrian GP Rumoured Season Opener for F1

July 5th could mark the date when Formula One is resumed, with these rumours following after an Austrian Public Radio released reports. It took less than four hours for motorsport news outlets to jump on this story, with most analysts collectively agreeing that this start date would be possible. Details regarding these reports indicate that drivers would compete at the Red Bull Ring back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday. Similar racing formats would be implemented for additional GPs under the Constructors & Drivers Championships. This would enable twenty Grand Prix’s throughout ten circuits.

Supporters behind Formula One were disappointed to learn that the 2020 Season wouldn’t follow after the novel coronavirus became an international pandemic. Nations like Great Britain, Bahrain, Spain, France, and Italy have cancelled mass gatherings. It prompted the immediate cancellation of various Grand Prix’s, including the newly built Vietnam Grand Prix. Those that didn’t cancel were forced to postpone their Grand Prix’s, with this including Austria. Social distancing measures aren’t being as severely constrained, with 530 Austrian Civilians contracting this virus. It’s one of the smallest percentages worldwide and would act as the perfect location for Formula One’s 2020 Season reboot.

Officials with Austria’s Red Bull Ring noted that this Grand Prix could be conducted safely with attendees under the condition that a second wave doesn’t occur. 2nd Waves would prompt the remainder for Formula One’s possible 2020 season to be terminated. Considering that most health experts worldwide agree that a second wave is inevitable, any announcement regarding the restart of F1 should be taken lightly.

Details regarding the July 5th restart indicate that attendees wouldn’t be supported with a 2nd wave, which would extend towards reporters. Photographers employed through Formula One would be permitted after thorough testing, with Drivers and Pit Crews having to engage with similar measures. The Formula International Association would have to approve this strategy before the ten outfits could enact it in F1. It’s 50/50 on what will happen, with the FIA desperate to have profits return to reasonable valuations. Lowered profits will see teams like Haas and AlphaTauri be forcibly removed from the sport.