Gunther Steiner Reacts to Grosjean Crash

Dozens are praising medical personnel & marshals in Formula One after November 29th. That date saw millions witness Haas’s Romain Grosjean crash horrifically into the barriers at Bahrain International Circuit. Struggling to escape from the wreckage, Romain Grosjean would remove himself from the inferno eighteen seconds after an explosion engulfed the French native in flames. Medical personnel were on-scene seconds before Grosjean pulled himself, showing the prompt reaction time from Head Doctor Ian Roberts & his subsequent team.

Romain Grosjean showed his dedication to Formula One, moving back towards his vehicle to assist with extinguishing the flames. Doctor Ian Roberts demanded that Grosjean attend the nearby medical care for assessment. Immediate assessments indicated Romain had sustained wrist & ankle burns, with broken ribs later confirmed at Bahrain’s military hospital.

Incredibly, Romain Grosjean survived this traumatic incident & medical personnel have emphasised the French native is lucky to breathe still. The impact seen from this crash was severe, with Romain Grosjean exiting Turn Three & his suspension failing. It prompted his vehicle to turn sharply towards Daniil Kvyat on the right. Kvyat avoided Grosjean with pure lucky, which saw Grosjean thrown into the barriers within less than one second. The impact caused his vehicle to split & the survival fuel cell to explode, prompting flames to engulf Grosjean.

Confirmations were made on November 30th that Romain Grosjean wouldn’t attend the 2nd final race for 2020, with healing required for his burn damages. Supporters of Formula One hope that FIA Medical Personnel will clear Grosjean for driving by Abu Dhabi, 2020s final Grand Prix & Romain’s last race in Formula One.

Haas Team Boss Guenther Steiner provided thanks to rescue crews that assisted with Grosjean’s removal. Steiner is known for not complimenting others, but he’d express these individuals did a great job during a scary moment.