Kentucky Derby Faces Violent Protests

Supporters of Law Enforcement & Anti-Racism Demonstrators attacked one another in Louisville. These violent protests were held before, during, and after the Kentucky Derby Horse Race. Both groups were armed with rifles & handguns but neither party shot-off around. It’d take the involvement of Kentucky Police to tear gas both parties, dispersing them multiple times until the late evening. BLM Protesters & Law Enforcement Supporters kept returning, clashing with each other. It’s been months of continued violence throughout the United States & political analysts don’t anticipate it’ll end until President Donald Trump has left office, which could be four-years from January 2021.

The Churchill Downs Racetrack is Lousiville saw thousands of protesters move towards their facility, screaming “No Justice, No Derby”. Threats of destruction towards the Kentucky Derby facilities were uttered by the masses as well. Black Lives Matter Activists demanded that the annual race be cancelled in support of their movement. That demand was ignored, seemingly a direct attack to take away a notable event in the Caucasian community. It shows the continued clashing between the Caucasian & African American people throughout America.

Law enforcement in Lousiville was concerned that the “Not Fucking Around Coalition” or NFAC, which is Black Militia Group, would begin firing their automatic rifles into the crowds. 250 Members of NFAC were seen carrying weapons like M4A1’s, and AA-12 Shotguns. Both are illegal for Americans to operate in the state of Kentucky. When law enforcement ordered the NFAC Members to drop their weapons & disband from the area, their leader taunted officers by pointing his gun into the air.

Locals standing behind law enforcement were disgusted by the NFAC Members, who would be confirmed not to be from the state of Kentucky. Louisville has become a notable town in the BLM Campaign after police killed Breonna Taylor in March 2020.

Truth Behind the No-Knock Search Warrant

It should be mentioned that Breonna Taylor hadn’t committed any crimes, but her boyfriend had. Kenneth Walker was a suspected high-profile drug dealer, and evoked Louisville Law Enforcement to receive a “No-Knock Search Warrant”. Upon entering the home of Breonna Taylor, Kenneth Walker immediately began shooting at Louisville Police. They returned fire & Miss Taylor was stricken during the incident. Kenneth Taylor shot two officers and has been charged with attempted murder. It’s a notable attribute of this case that’s often not reported on.