Lewis Hamilton Matches Michael Schumacher’s GP Record

The 91st Grand Prix victory for Lewis Hamilton occurred at the Nürburgring’s Eifel Grand Prix. It’s a record ascertained by one either driver, Michael Schumacher. Both men are considered the most successful competitors in Formula One history, albeit for a short period. It’ll be weeks before Lewis Hamilton overcomes that record with his 92nd Grand Prix victory.

Some throughout the Formula One Paddock aren’t thrilled by the concept that Lewis Hamilton has acquired ninety-one podium finishes and will likely overtake Michael Schumacher’s record before October 2020 ends. The majority of F1 drivers have expressed their admiration towards Lewis Hamilton, like Daniel Ricciardo & Max Verstappen. It’s been Sebastian Vettel that’s vocally disliked the concept of Lewis Hamilton overtaking Schumacher’s record, expressing it’ll mark a sad day for himself.

Another record maintained by Michael Schumacher will likely be overtaken by Lewis Hamilton in 2020, with the British Champ heading towards his 7th championship victory in Formula One. It’ll match the number of championship titles maintained by Michael Schumacher & similar to the Grand Prix record; Hamilton is expected to overtake the Ferrari Legend in his Mercedes W11 during the 2021 Formula One Season.

Podium Finishers React

The Eifel Grand Prix in Germany’s Nürburgring saw Lewis Hamilton place 1st, Max Verstappen claim 2nd with the fastest lap, and Daniel Ricciardo acquire 3rd. Hamilton would express the honour behind matching Michael Schumacher’s record of ninety-one podium finishes, while Verstappen & Ricciardo would issue praise towards Lewis.

Max Verstappen mentioned the incredible achievement behind acquiring ninety-one victories, which the Red Bull driver admitted most thoughts was impossible to obtain a 2nd time in F1 history. Verstappen praised Hamilton in how it’s impressive to maintain consistent podium finishes and championship victories year-after-year since joining Mercedes.

Daniel Ricciardo echoed similar sentiments to Max Verstappen, praising the consistency associated with Lewis Hamilton. Ricciardo emphasized that it’s challenging for any driver to maintain yearly record-breaking seasons, inside of any professional sport. Envy was evident with Ricciardo, as the Renault driver has desired similar championship status in Formula One. It should be noted that Hamilton’s 91st victory saw Mick Schumacher, the son of Michael Schumacher, award Lewis with his predecessor’s final victory helmet. It’s a moment that’ll be cemented in F1 history.