Masvidal Defends Trump Support

UFCs most outspoken fighter isn’t Conor McGregor any longer, with those reigns falling onto Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal. Most know Jorge Masvidal for his various knockouts, and acquirement of the BMG Title. He’s also known for supporting the Administration of President Donald Trump. Considered odd for someone of Cuban heritage, Masvidal believes that Trump has created multiple opportunities for his community. Years after first remarking his stance on the 2016-2020 POTUS, Jorge Masvidal was adamant that Donald Trump is continuing to perform for America.

The political climate of America is tense & concerning, with anyone expressing their genuine potentially getting “Cancelled”. Jorge Masvidal almost experienced something similar, with Black Lives Matter Activists claiming that the BMF Titleholder is secretly racist. This prompted an immediate response from Jorge Masvidal, who emphasized that people are foolish to suggest himself a racist. He noted the multiple times that law enforcement had tackled him to the ground, shoved his face against concrete, and merely searched him to locate nothing. Jorge Masvidal clarified that in Miami he was targeted for his nationality & appearance, supporting tattoos over his neck.

The Reasoning for Support

Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal then remarked that UFC Supporters & Political Activists aren’t aware of his history. He emphasized that for decades the world didn’t know the name Jorge Masvidal and that some stranger cannot make biased claims against him that aren’t warranted with proof. Sentiments would than shift over towards Donald Trump, incentivizing that America is allowing their President to excuse countless behaviours & destroy any good POTUS had accomplished in four years. Masvidal remarked that Donald Trump created the lowest unemployment rate for African & Latin Americans in decades. Jorge noted that new job opportunities help his community grow throughout the United States, that he must provide Donald Trump credit when deserved.

Jorge Masvidal clarified that President Donald Trump’s policies are incorrect, that a million things need to change within his administration. But for the bad that’s been experienced during the Trump Administration, he’s enabled better working environments for minorities in the United States. This was something Barack Obama, George Bush, and Bill Clinton all struggled to accomplish.