Saudi Arabia Formula One Track Detailed

The Formula 1 Association provided details on an upcoming track slated for the 2023 season. Located in Saudi Arabia, this location will be called the Qiddiyah Circuit. It’ll be located in an entertainment complex in the Riyadh capital, with the head designer being Alexander Wurz. The chief executive officer for Formula One, Chase Carey, provided details regarding the track to BBC Sport. However, it should be noted that the Formula 1 Association and Saudi Arabian government haven’t concluded their official deal. The FIA is leveraging the deal be pre-emptively creating a facility on-site. Carey noted that negotiations are still ongoing but that they’ll provide fans are a compelling and entertaining circuit that cost host multiple world-class events. Formula One hopes to be one of those signature events at Qiddiyah.

Chase Carey mentioned that they weren’t in continuous talks with representatives for Qiddiyah. Instead, the motorsport federation and general sports authority in Saudi Arabia are handling the ongoing discussions. Representatives from the motorsport federation confirmed that a deal hasn’t been finalized but that it’ll most likely be accomplished by Q2 2020. It should be noted that Formula One wouldn’t begin providing details on the track if they weren’t confident that a circuit would be held by 2023.

Alexander Wurz Creates Grade One Circuit

It was also confirmed that the Qiddiyah Circuit would be listed under the FIA Grade One Standard, meaning it can host events for the MotoGP and F1. The goal is to make the Qiddiyah Circuit part of the larger universe for motorsport activities, with multiple facilities being built on-site and nearby, allowing for an entertainment complex centred around racing. There hasn’t been a track that could cater to all forms of motorsport racing; the 1st would most likely be in Riyadh. It’s not surprising that Alexander Wurz would be hired as the circuit designer. He was a former Formula One driver for Williams, McLaren and Benetton. Alexander also acquired the Le Mans Championship twice, eventually going on to be the Grand Prix Drivers Association, Chairman.

Alexander Wurz spoke about his design implementations after F1 confirmed this circuit. He noted that there’d be multiple elevation changes, which will be created through the natural landscape of Riyadh. It’ll provide significant challenges to engineers and drivers, pushing motorsport vehicles to their absolute limit. Alexander expressed that after testing the simulation version of Qiddiyah, he believes it’ll be the most exciting circuit in the Formula One calendar. However, Alexander shouldn’t count out Zandvoort or Hanoi. These upcoming tracks could rival Qiddiyah for the top course in 2023.