Sir Stirling Moss Passes Away at 70

Formula One has lost an infamous legend in their community, a man so noteworthy that he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth the Second. Sir Stirling Moss passed away at the age of ninety. He was considered the most excellent F1 driver never to win a world championship. Sir Stirling Moss stood on sixty-six podiums between 1951 and 1961, which for his time was a significant accomplishment. He drove for noteworthy teams like Mercedes, Maserati and Vanwall. One of Stirling’s most considerable achievement applied to a continuous rivalry with Juan Manuel Fangio, another legend in the F1 community.

The History

Throughout the decade-long career of Sir Stirling Moss, sixteen 1st place podium victories were acquired of the sixty-six. Some believe that the devilish number of 666 plagued Sir Stirling Moss and stopped him from obtaining a world championship. However, we know these were superstitions from an older period. Regardless of what people might state about Sir Stirling Moss’s career, the Monaco and Germany Grand Prix victories in 1961 are still considered All-Time Classics.

Before entering the Formula One Circuit, Sir Stirling Moss had already acquired a notable reputation amongst the racing community. His reputation was cemented after winning the 1955 Mille Muglia for Mercedes AMG, which was still when drivers could compete in multiple motorsports. Moss drove on public roads at 100mph with Mercedes and ended up becoming victories, a feat for at the time didn’t seem accomplishable.

Sir Stirling Moss would retire his F1 seat in 1962, which followed after he had a significant crash during the Goodwood Grand Prix. Even though he didn’t compete in the Grand Prix’s moving forward, Stirling continued his presence on the grid by being a radio and television correspondent. Fans would receive another chance to see Sir Stirling Moss race during the 1980s, which was maintained with Saloon Cars. He’d compete for a single season for again entering retirement. The last time supporters saw Moss in a public fashion was January 2018, which is when Stirling confirmed he’d retire from the public eye.


It’s expected that the Formula One Association will create a specialized tribute for Sir Stirling Moss. It’d be a sombre and perfect way to honour the knighted driver, with Silverstone slated to be the first Grand Prix after F1 returns in 2020.