Australian Grand Prix Greenlit for 2020

The 2020 Melbourne Formula One Season Opener isn’t following the strategic game plans of other venues in the yearly calendar. This follows after the organizing association behind the Australian GP confirmed that they wouldn’t disband spectators amid the coronavirus outbreak, with the Bahrain and Vietnamese Grand Prix’s developing this strategy. Supporters of Formula One have praised the confirmation made by Andrew Westacott.

This decision was made after the Women’s T20 World Cup Final didn’t experience a singular case of the coronavirus. The cricket venue saw more than 85+ thousand individuals arrive to the T20 World Cup Final, with organizers providing the necessary medical tools needed to deal with any potential outbreak. Everyone visiting was also screened for any possible sicknesses, with illness-born visitors being sent back home. It should be noted that the Bahrain Grand Prix revealed that week that they’re only allowing for F1 Participants to enter the venue, with ticket holders receiving immediate refunds for this venue.

The statements made by Andrew Westacott follow after being interviewed by Melbourne’s SEN Radio Station. The organizer stated: “Not a chance, When you looked at 86,000 at the MCG last night – we’ve got to go around things sensibly and keep moving on through life while taking the necessary precautions.

Italian Teams

Multiple outfits in Formula One have their headquarters located throughout Northern Italy, the location that’s faced an extensive quarantine of sixteen million citizens. He mentioned that the Formula International Association hasn’t banned transporting products or vehicles from Italy, with both the Ferrari and AlphaTauri cars being flown to Melbourne from the Tullamarine Airport. Key personnel on these aircraft could unintentionally be carrying the coronavirus, with their arrival slated to be by March 10th. It should be noted that Brendan Murphy, the Chief Medical Officer for the Australian Grand Prix, will review these select individuals and the vehicles for any signs of the outbreak.

The most prominent concern regarding the Formula One season is Ferrari and AlphaTauri, with select teammates travelling from the Northern Italy region. Evidence suggests that there hasn’t been any transmission of the infection, with Melbourne officials not seriously concerned about this upcoming mass gathering on March 15th.