Kyrie Irving Impresses With New Haircut and Win Against Pistons

There are certain things that will always stay true when it comes to the Boston Celtics. Opponents will always see green, the banners will always hang from the Garden rafters, and Tommy Heinsohn will always promote the virtues of the Boston Celtics team. Right? Well, not exactly.

Tommy Heinsohn, the Celtics television analyst who is renowned in Boston as an unabashed homer, managed to depart from this stance during a broadcast on 20 October 2018 as he questioned the overall conditioning of franchise player and point guard Kyrie Irving. Heinsohn doubled down after a win against the Pistons in Detroit on Saturday, stating “Irving seems like he is 5 pounds overweight, but I can’t confirm this as I’ve never seen him jump on a scale.”

Irving’s Response to Heinsohn

Irving managed to respond to Heinsohn’s comments on Tuesday night with one of the most electrifying performances of his career, submitting 31 points in a home victory against the Pistons where he shot 10 out of 16 from the field which included 4 out of 7 from the 3-point line. This is a season-high for Kyrie Irving if you were wondering.

He added five assists and five rebounds in just 33 minutes and managed to single-handedly account for a sparkling run during the third quarter that ended up turning the tide. After the match, in an on-court interview with reporter Abby Chin from NBC Sports Boston, Irving stated, “I wish to give a shout out to Tommy Heinsohn.”

He then turned away and walked off the court shortly thereafter. Was Irving being sarcastic? Genuinely grateful? Facetious? Who can be sure? Irving was more talkative in the locker room interview where he confessed that Heinsohn was spot on. He needs to get into better shape.

Irving’s Comments on his Performance

“I managed to catch Heinsohn’s comments about a week ago, and it obviously bothered me. To be honest, it was one of the most honest things anyone has ever said about me and the way I was playing,” Irving stated. “I had to attempt matching my performance from last year and improve on it, and the best way to do it is by placing an emphasis on my mind and body. The comments made by Heinsohn was brutally honest and the most real thing I’ve ever heard. As a basketball competitor, if comments like that don’t cause an itch inside you to improve yourself, especially from someone like Heinsohn that doesn’t see any wrong when you play for the Celtics. I truly appreciate it.

“Heinsohn was telling the truth. I have to get in much better shape, I have to become more focused and dedicated in what I’m doing. I jumped on the bike the very next morning and will do everything humanly possible to get my body into shape.”

During all this, Irving also decided to reveal a new haircut which requires far less maintenance as opposed to the shorn locks he once had. Irving stated it was time and now he can get back to what he is used to.