The 2019 Formula 1 season is just around the corner and had a major line up for racing action and possibilities for the season ahead. We see teams fighting to stay head, drivers trying to adjust to the new car regulations and predictions flying all over the place as no one can really tell what’s going to happen.

The only thing we can do is look at some of the facts and work on that until the first qualifying session at the very least. There’s a lot to consider, but to avoid any long drawn out sections, we’ll be keeping to sweet, short and to the point. Let’s have a look at some facts and see why 2019 is bound to be one of the best seasons in Formula 1.

Will Hamilton have it Easy to His 6th Championship Title?

Hamilton is not in line to claim is sixth championship title, bringing in just one away from breaking the current Michael Schumacher world record who has 7 world champion titles. It was certainly a close race in 2018 between Ferrari and the Mercedes team, but with Vettel not performing at his best and some issues with the car, they yet again allowed the German team to claim the title.

In 2019, there’s no doubt that both Hamilton and Mercedes are aiming to win and are confident in having the car that could do the job. Not only is the one important for Hamilton, but Mercedes is literally one title our way from breaking Ferrari’s record that holds 6 world titles in a row.

They could be a few things standing in Hamilton’s way, the biggest being the Ferrari team as they do all they can to protect their record. There are huge reports going around of how they plan to keep Hamilton away from winning with Merc, including the new addition to the team, Charles Leclerc who might be new, but has proven himself worthy and gives motivation to Vettel to stay ahead and not get defeated by a rookie.

What the Changes to Aerodynamics Could Bring

With the new regulations applied to the front and rear wing, there have been some interesting predictions that the leading teams would struggle more than the rest since the cars have been refined over more than just the last couple of years.

As we all know, both Mercedes and Ferrari are currently part of the leading trio along with Red Bull, but this might not stay the same with the season ahead as the changes show major loss in performance as the F1 sport is cured towards making more over taking possible.

It will all depend on just how well the drivers can adapt to the new settings and features of the car, which might not necessarily include the leading trio at the front of each race. It is rather interesting to consider that other excellent teams such as Renault might step up by adapting to the changes better and knocking out one of the leaders for 2019. It could even be one of the other teams taking better to the changes than the rest.