Each year, we see changes in our favorite sports. Some are for safety reasons while others increase the excitement of the sport. Either way, these are important to keep the rules and regulations in place while also giving competitors the opportunity to take part in events where it’s fair and against others who are in the same class.

Of course, the biggest sports such as F1, MotoGP and even MMA, the changes don’t really apply to other categories, but then again, in sports such as youth motocross, these make a huge difference as racers get to challenge others in their own age groups instead of having older more experienced racers stay behind and dominate.

In 2019, we see some interesting changes with a broad range of sports, each offering to make it an interesting year ahead and new competition leaders might shine through from the regulars. Let’s have a look at some popular changes and how it would affect the results for next season.

Formula 1

In formula 1, we’ve seen multiple changes over the last few years, which mainly involved small changes to the front wing. Well, 2019 changes it yet again, but this time to make the competition more competitive and allow all races the opportunity to lead their way to victory.

However, staying in the lead won’t be easy as the new regulations change the front wing into a much smoother 5-fin design, which changes the wake coming off the car. Instead of pushing the wing out to the sides, it’s now flowing over the car, allowing those trying to over take to have a much better shot at it as cleaner air flows over the leader.


Keeping to motor sport, we see some interesting changes to the world of youth motocross as well. As some would know, the EMX-250 series is there to help riders get ready for the bigger events, including the MX2 and MXGP. However, many older riders have stayed behind in these races and make it harder for the younger racers to get ahead and show they they’ve got as the older generation simply has more experience.

Now, an age limit of 23 applies to the series and they include a new 2-stroke series for the EMX-250, which is referred to as the EMX-250 t2. This is a great addition as racers wanting to move to the next level before the MX2 and MXGP can change from the 4 strokes to 2 strokes and complete.


Changing direction completely, we head over to the world of fighting where mixed martial arts fighting introduces new weight classes to once again help all complete fairly.
The new classes start with a 165 lbs, called super lightweight and a 175 lbs that replaces the regular welterweight with super welterweight. These changes allow fighters to complete in lightweight fights and keep things fair while also avoiding the major weight drops many fighters go through just before a fight.