UFC 146 took place on Sunday the 10th of March 2019. It included loads of action-packed fighting with some surprising results and many moments that are sure to make the average person cringe with the powerful strikes delivered in the octagon.

The fighting took place in the Intrust Bank Arena, featuring everything from heavyweight through to lightweight and even welterweight events. There wasn’t a dull moment throughout the night as we saw everything from knockouts to submissions and even a few regular decisions.

Let’s look at some of the most significant moments with the fighters and see what you’ve missed!

Derrick Lewis vs Junior dos Santos

This was one of the heavyweight highlights as dos Santos managed to impress with excellent fighting skills to take down the hard-hitting Black Beast.

However, it’s was clear that Santos avoided the hard hits and though he almost got knocked out, he managed to keep it together. Taking Derrick down by targeting the legs. Once Derrick wasn’t able to move all that well, he merely started to block the blows from Santos — eventually giving in, allowing Santos to finish the fight after just a few more strikes.

Nico Price vs. Tim Means

This was an exciting welterweight fight as both Tim and Nico are fast on their feet. Offering similar styles that are both aggressive when it comes to claiming the win.
The fight only lasted for one round, but what a round it was as it just stopped with 11 seconds remaining on the clock.

At first, it seemed as if Tim had the fight all the way, delivering more hits and even getting Nico down to the ground and providing some energy-draining severe blows. However, Nico managed to get himself up again, moving quickly and getting around to offering some strikes of his own.

Towards the end of the round, it seemed as if Nico was nearly done. He had a swollen face and now being quite as quick on his feet, which is expected with almost 5 minutes of non-stop fighting. He managed to deliver a seriously hard right-hander to Tim, landing it just next to the ear and sending Tim to the ground instantly.

To ensure he finished him off, Nico gave him a few more blows to ensure the fight is his. It was only later revealed that Tim suffered a broken ankle in addition to losing the fight, which occurred in the way we went down after the hard blow from Nico Price.

In Other Fights

The 2019 UFC 146 event has some great fights of which the above were indeed the highlights. In other results, we see Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos take the victory in the welterweight fight against Curtis Millender with a submission in round one at 02:35.

We also see the heavyweight fight being won by Blagoy Ivanov who took on Ben Rothwell, which ended by decision after the entire third round. Finally, of the highlight fights, we also see Beneil Dariush beat Drew Dober with a submission in round 2 at 04:41.