Formula 1 is by far the most significant event in motorsport as the features the fastest cars, best drivers and the ultimate in racing. The 2019 season is finally underway as we see the cars approaching the third race of the year. Even though many have made their predictions, we see some exciting developments on the track as the drivers head out to claim the next win.

It seems as if Mercedes has than the spot Ferrari had just a few years ago, claiming one championship after the other and staying ahead with points from the very first race. It has certainly been an exciting season, even though only two races have taken place, but there’s no doubt that Mercedes has yet another significant advantage when it comes to working their way to the top.

Those who’ve been following F1 news might remember some promising articles from the Renault team, allowing us to believe they have what it takes to come out on top for the season ahead or at least make their way to the top three. However, thus far they’ve managed to get themselves in 7th place after the first two races with a total of just 6 points. They did have some car problems, which set them behind for the beginning of the season.

Driver Points

When we look back at the Australian GP, we see an exciting leaderboard with Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas finishing in first place with a total race time of just 1:25’27.325. The podium also featured the other Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton in second place, claiming maximum points for the Merc team in the first race of 2019.

Max Verstappen managed to claim third only because there wasn’t another Mercedes on the track and the Ferrari team grabbed hold on both fourth and fifth position, including Vettel in fourth and Leclerc in fifth.

Even in the Bahrain GP, the Mercedes team simply dominated, once again claiming both first and second position as the race comes to an end. However, this time they managed to change things up as Hamilton crosses the line first and Bottas in second with 2.980 seconds between them as the leader finished in just 1:34’21.295.

There were some interesting occurrences as new Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc managed to claim the third position for Ferrari, followed by Max Verstappen for Red Bull and Vettel with the other Ferrari in the fifth position.


It’s no purpose that the Mercedes team leads with a massive 87 points after the first two races, making most believe that they have the championship in the bag for 2019 as well. By the looks of it, it would take something serious to stop them, but there’s no doubt that the other teams are giving it their all to keep up.

The Ferrari team is currently in second place with 48 points, followed by Red Bull with 31. In fourth place, we see the Alfa Romeo team with 10 points, followed by McLaren and Haas who are tied with 8 points.