Betting on fights has been around for decades as many used to wager on boxing, wrestling and much more. In fact, to this day it remains a popular choice as it’s just different to the standard form of betting on races and even football games.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion) started early in the 90s and quickly became a hit, not only among people looking for a whole new form of fighting but bettors seeking new wagering opportunities as well.

By the turn of the millennium, UFC had become much bigger than anticipated. Now in 2019, we see it appearing on ESPN and just about all significant bookie sites in the world. So, why it so popular and why would this sport continue to grow as one of the best forms of sporting betting available?

Well, there are actually many reasons and would completely depend on the angle you’re looking at and the way you’re planning to bet. Aside from betting, we see major growth in UFC, especially with big names such as Tony Ferguson, Conor McGregor and even Khabib appearing in the headlines for huge upcoming fights in 2019.

Here are only some of the top reasons why you should consider wagering on the biggest UFC events for the year ahead:

Fights are Real – Stats are Real

We’ve seen some other forms of fighting not being quite on the realistic side of things and that makes it incredibly difficult to wager on them. Not only do unfair and unexpected events take place, but it all seemed fixed.

In UFC, you know you’ll be wagering on the abilities of the fighters and what areas they are good in. Some are excellent with striking and getting knockouts while others just have the ability to grip and make their opponent tap out long before the round is over.

The stats don’t lie, and you can gain a lot of information about the fighter and their style before the event. This makes it much easier to place your money in the right place, especially when you get to know the fighters and what their weak spots are.

How Long will it Last?

The round total betting option is a great choice when you get on a level where you really start to know the fighters. It allows you to wager on how long the fight will last, which could be ended for various reasons, including knock out, technical knock out, submission and a few others.

The odds on these betting options are rather interesting and commonly coupled with the moneyline bets where you choose the winner. If you know a certain fighter is going to destroy his opponent within the first two rounds, it would be a great wager to bet on both moneyline and the total rounds.

Once again, there’s no question about whether something will interfere with the fight or how long it lasts as the fights are real. Results are accurate, and the fighter’s stats aren’t questionable.