Formula 1 remains the most exciting motorsport of all time, not only are the cars incredibly fast, but the drivers are of the best in the world and really put on a show with each overtake, crash and win. Well, in 2019, we’re sure to see more action as the driver take to the grid in hopes of winning titles and breaking new records.

Some of you might know about the F1 vision for 2021, which gears the sport into one that’s more exciting with racers sticking closer together, more over-taking and just an overall better experience for spectators. You might also know about the 2019 changes to gear the sport in that direction, starting with the front and back wings changing to create a 30% cleaner wake, which would already allow racers to get closer to each other and not allow the leaders to have such a massive lead by the end of the race.

With these new regulations, we’re sure to see major changes to the racing action, especially with the leaders who’ve claimed multiple world titles, including Sebastian and Lewis. While everyone is expecting these drivers to remain at the top of the scoreboard, we might just see some huge surprises. However, until the first and second race, it’s hard to tell as anything can happen, but here are a few things to consider.

Lewis and Sebastian

Lewis Hamilton has claimed the 5th world title in a row by winning the Abu Dhabi race at the end of 2018. The driver is now geared toward beating Schumacher’s record of 7 world titles, but to get there, he has to be at the top for yet another 2 years.

Sebastian Vettel already has 5 world titles but has managed to win one since 2013. However, the driver is also geared towards breaking the record and beating Lewis to it.

These 2 drivers are well worth keeping an eye on for 2019 as the new regulations are sure to make things interesting with each turn and overtake. They’ll be able to get a lot closer to each other and overtake more often, which would already keep things interesting as we move from one track to the next. In 2018, we saw each of these drivers has an advantage with certain tracks, now take away the ability to get ahead by far and you’ve got an exciting race, right?

While they are worth checking out, remember there’s a whole grid of other brilliant racers aiming to claim some huge winnings of their own. Max Verstappen is a great example and could make a huge difference in 2019 with the regulations changing.

We also see a list of new drivers entering the sport, some showing real promise from their past careers. Who says the big names manage to keep up with them and that some new driver doesn’t come flying through and claiming the title, would be unbelievable, but it’s possible.