Helmut Marko on Sergio Perez Acquisition

Details regarding the contracting of Sergio Perez to Red Bull Racing are being revealed by team management. Red Bulls Advisor to Motorsports is Helmut Marko, who acts similarly to second-in-command for the racing outfit. Detailed knowledge sustained by Sergio Perez over the engine units employed by Mercedes is a prominent reason towards his acquisition. That knowledge enables engineers with Red Bull Racing to better assess the upgrades needed to defeat Mercedes AMG-Petronas.

Two weeks have passed since announcements were made that Alexander Albon is being repositioned as “Reserve & Test Driver”, as Sergio Perez takes over the position of second driver. Knowledge sustained by the Mexico-born driver isn’t the exclusive reasoning for his contract acquisition. Sergio Perez proved himself one of Formula One’s better competitors throughout 2020, even becoming a first-time race winner. Performances shown by Perez compared to Albon were considerably different. When accounting that RBR want’s another driver capable of rivalling Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez is the better option over Alexander Albon.

RBR Motorsport Advisor Helmut Marko discussed additional reasons towards Perez’s acquisition with reporters. It’s noted that Perez became the preferred choice when team owners began considering the data known to Sergio over Mercedes internal operations. Perez drove the Mercedes W10 throughout last season, giving the Mexican-driver influential information over recent mechanics employed by Mercedes.

The Talents of Perez

Helmut Marko mentioned that Sergio Perez proved himself a master of tyre management, as races that saw Perez drop from the top grid to last position, also witnessed his return to near podium positions. Few competitors are capable of overtaking multiple drivers in one Grand Prix, with Max Verstappen & Lewis Hamilton being some of the few. Sergio proving himself capable of that challenge made him an immediate target for RBRs driver program. Analysts anticipate Perez will outdrive & outrank Max Verstappen immediately into next season, with Sergio holding considerably more experience than his Dutch-born teammate.