MMA fans once again reach out to find out more about the happenings for the year ahead. We’ve already heard about some brilliant fights to come and even some fighters ending their careers in 2019. It’s sure to be another year of action-packed fights, giving us all the reason in the world to get amped up. Let’s dive in and see what’s to expect from the world of MMA.

Conor vs Khabib

Yes, we’re starting with the biggest first, the one everyone has been talking about, Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov. While this could be a great fight, history tells us McGregor is taking on more than he can handle. Not too long ago, we saw both Khabib and Conor step into the octagon where McGregor got a beating and tapped out by the 4th round. As usual, McGregor was the one making all the noise before the fight (much like we saw with the Mayweather fight), but once he got into the rink, not much happened. Even Khabib says McGregor doesn’t deserve another fight for that reason. The UFC 229 event was a domination from Khabib’s side, getting an advantage of 58 to 34 when it came to head strikes. If these fighters get into the rink again, we think it might just be the same thing over again. However, it might just happen later this year, but we’ll have to wait and see.

GSP vs. Khabib

With his incredibly fighting career starting with 27 events during which he hasn’t been defeated once, Khabib remains one of the most respected fighters in UFC. At the same time, it shows many fighters wanting to team him up, including a match against GSP, should there ever be a 165 lbs division. It’s still early days for 2019, and we don’t really know what’s to come with matches later in the year. These 2 incredible fighters might just step into the rink together and see who has the upper hand. It would certainly be a better match for Khabib instead of going back and defeating McGregor once again.

Jose Aldo Commits to Only 3 More Fights

As a featherweight champion, we’ve seen Jose Aldo deliver some excellent fighting action in the rink. However, that seems to be coming to an end in 2019 as Jose has made it clear that he would only be taking part in 3 more fights and then retire. It has come as a shock for most as Jose is still young and has a promising career ahead of him. However, when you look at his achievements and goals, it makes sense that the fighter would want to get our while he is still ahead. From the day he started in UFC, he has been wanting to get out of the action on his own terms and not require any serious medical attention. His plans are to enjoy life with his daughter and family and even do some travelling.