The world of sports betting is well worth getting excited about as it allows bettors to place a wager on their favourites and make some profits while enjoying the games. In 2019, we see even more sports betting opportunities coming online with some of the biggest events in the world. This allows us to take on some interesting strategies to make the most of each game.

The beginning of 2019 has revealed some interesting events for the year ahead and depending on what happens, the rest of the year could even have more worth looking into. To get started, it’s important to choose your favourite sports and get ready to place wagers at your bookie just in time for the big event!

Here are some of the sports worth watching in 2019 and making bets and the results might just be what no one is expecting:


Formula 1 has to be one of the biggest sports people are wagering on for the year ahead. There are loads of possibilities and we might just see Hamilton being knocked off the top by some of the new comers with Ferrari. Sure, they would have to work hard at it, but it’s certainly an interesting thought as the first qualifying comes closer.

One of the biggest reasons we predict the possibility of Hamilton fall behind has to do with the new regulations for 2019 that will make keeping up and over-raking much easier for all drivers. This would also mean Hamilton might not be able to get those huge leads and winning so often. At the same time, the Ferrari team would have to be on point and avoid so many break downs throughout the season.

Of course, we could also see the Red Bull team and even Renault shine through with the new regulations, but it’s all about them and how well they take to it. The first new races would be the deciding factors for the events ahead, so be sure to check it out and keep up with the news to make predictions of your own.


The start of 2019 has been one with loads of excitement for mixed martial arts, and we once again see the biggest names go in all directions. Lately, it’s been Khabib who has made it to the news headlines and one of the fighters worth watching in 2019.

Just recently, he has been told he cannot sit out for a year since he is the current title holder. This means we’ll either see him return with a heavy schedule of fights or the title might just go up for grabs. If that happens, it could lead to even more brilliant fights, including Tony Ferguson and Dustin Poirier.

We might also see McGregor taking a shot at claiming the title he lost it Khabib, which is sure to become yet another huge event. If Khabib does return, be sure to keep an eye on his news and rumours have it that Mayweather might just take him on in another money fight.