With yet another exciting event coming up, we take to the field as the Lions take on the Buffalo Bills. For most, the match doesn’t shine, but both teams have a lot to play for and prove.

The Lions are still hyped up from the impressive win in the last game, but under no circumstances should you believe that the Bills will take it lying down just because of their season. In fact, the team has a lot to prove, and the top player actually has a record to shoot for!

Let’s have a look at what we can expect for the weekend ahead and see why this is bound to be a game with some excellent action!

Josh Allen Might Just be Unstoppable

This young man has become the shining star for the team and joined the Bills at the perfect time while no one else would consider him. Many now consider him the fastest in NFL, making him a bullet for any team ready to challenge.

Sure, the Bills might not have the team to help number 17 shoot over the field, but that hasn’t stopped Josh from getting over 100 yards and throwing 200 yards in the last three games. In fact, with this weekend’s event, the quarterback could smash a record currently held by Thurman Thomas if he manages another 95-yard stretch in the next game. This alone would give Josh more than enough reason to give the team all the motivation they need to play hard and allow him to do what he does best.

Bills Playing at Home

The underdogs are playing at home, meaning it’s their fans, their grounds and their rules, which might not slow down the Lions all that much, but it’s more about the Bills gaining the confidence they need to progress faster.

As some would know, the Bills team currently consists of many new younger players, which has an impact on the performance, but this is to give them some game time in a season that’s already someone settled for the team. Now, with the home page, those new players will have something to prove with their friends and family in the stands shouting their names.

Even a few restaurants and buildings in the area are preparing decorations, not only for Christmas next week but for the game ahead as well. As you can imagine, they’ll be putting up a full show to provide support for their players.

Red on Red with No Snow!

Some fans might remember the all-red uniform the team wore last year in week 14, but if you don’t, you’re not to blame as there was a blizzard that didn’t exactly allow the team to show off their colours, never mind watch the game.

Well, this year it’s set to be a beautiful day and the team will get to wear their colours proudly and give the fans a perfect view as they make their way to the lineup.