It’s been an exciting week for those who follow UFC news as we see some more action from Conor McGregor. He was once again arrested, and Tim Means also suffered from a broken ankle after UFC 146. Even without the events mentioned above. The weekend of March 10th, 2019 has been one filled with excellent fights as we see some of the best matchups at UFC Fight Night 146.

One of the most notable events was the heavyweight fight between Derrick Lewis and Junior dos Santos. This turned out to be an exciting one as Santos managed to avoid the powerful hits from Derrick and get him down for the only knock of in the heavyweight division for the night.

We also saw some surprising takedowns in other divisions, including the lightweight fight involving Beneil Dariush and Drew Dober. This fight only lasted two rounds as Beneil managed to end it with a submission at just 04:41.

Tim Means Breaks His Ankle with Knockout

The fight with Tim Means with Nico Piece was one of the highlights and certainly a reason for tuning in. It all started great, both fighters delivering punches and making some notable moves to get their opponent tired as soon as possible.

However, within the first 30 seconds, it was clear that Tim Means had the upper hand. He was delivering more punches and even getting Nico down on the ground where more punches and hard strikes were sent his way. However, Nico managed to get up again, looking a little beaten up with a swollen face and now having the same balance as before (expected after four minutes of fighting).

Most expected Tim to take the fight without much effort. Most would have been surprised Nico delivered a hard blow next to the right-side ear of Tim Means, which sent him straight down to the ground. To ensure a clear win, we saw Nico dive down and deliver a few more powerful hits to his opponent, ending the fight with a TKO.
What most didn’t see is the way Tim went down as he fell to the side and twisted his ankle in unnatural ways. It was only later revealed that he had broken the ankle and sent pictures to social platforms of himself in a wheelchair.

McGregor Arrested Again

With only a few weeks remaining of his 6-month suspension, we wonder if Conor McGregor would make it back to the octagon. It seems like he can’t stay under the law radar. On the 11th of March 2019, he was arrested in Miami after having an altercation with a fan. Both the men walked out of the Miami Beach Hotel when McGregor got annoyed with someone trying to take a picture, resulting in the fighter hitting the phone out of the fan’s hand and stepping on the $1,000 phone multiple times. He even picked up the device and walked off with it. He was arrested around 18:00 on Monday and released on a bond of $12,500.