With the MotoGP races underway for 2019, there’s loads of exciting news as we head to the track and see how the new bikes compete.

Up to now, there have been multiple predictions, allowing us to look forward to various events. While many of the predictions have been accurate, we see some exciting developments that could change the championship results for the end of the year.

Therefore, if you are someone who follows MotoGP or even places a bet from time to time, the details below are the perfect way to catch up on what’s new and how the leaderboard is looking.


Some of the biggest predictions one for the 2019 MotoGP season revolves around Marc Marquez who everyone said will be taking his 6th world championship title as he continues to get close to Rossi’s record of 9 world championships.

In 2019, he teams up with another world champion J. Lorenzo, which might seem like a brilliant idea for Honda, but it is important to point out that these championship racers have had some issues in the past, including a 2013 race where Lorenzo was pushed off the track by Marquez as they battled for second place.

Now, with the first two races in 2019 complete, we see an interesting pattern developing as Marquez remains near the front, but Lorenzo is falling behind, which could be his just getting used to the new team and bikes. In Qatar, Marquez finished in second place behind A. Dovizioso, and Lorenzo managed to come in 13th. Even in the Argentine GP, we saw Marquez claiming the top podium position while Lorenzo led at 12th position finish at best.

Even though Marquez managed to deliver some great results, it’s not enough to keep the team at the top. The Repsol Honda Team is currently in second place with 52 points and being led by the Mission Winnow Ducati team who are sitting with 61 points as the racing does to Circuits of the Americas.

Luckily, they have a 12 point lead on the Monster Energy Yamaha team, who won’t stay that far behind as Rossi has already proven by increasing his position from 5th in the first race to second at Argentine GP. He might be able to improve his place once again in the next race, which is sure to put the Honda team in the third position or worse, especially if Lorenzo doesn’t manage to bring his part for the Honda team with Marquez.

There are still 17 races to come into 2019 season, during which a lot could change to all the teams. However, we already see who the leaders of the racing are even though it is way to early to make predictions for the 2019 championship. One thing is for sure, both V. Rossi and M. Marquez would be giving it their all as they both chases down the championship for further extend their trophy cases.