With the 2019 testing now behind us, we see some exciting developments, including Ferrari covering almost 600 laps for testing and coming out with a pleased look on their face. Could this be the year where they make a comeback and stop Hamilton of breaking records?

The Renault team who finished in fourth last season have set the fastest lap during the testing days with Toro Rosso-Honda just behind them. Although, it seems as the Renault didn’t do too well after the hot lap. It’s uncertain as to what the problem was and if it was just something small. It would be a risky bet for those on the first race. If it weren’t a significant issue, you’d undoubtedly have an advantage when it comes to race odds.

The Mercedes team might have been quiet and somewhat uneventful, but with so many consecutive titles over the last couple of years. There’s no significant reason to believe they’ll be knocked off this year. The team covered the most laps of all at the testing session. Nothing major seemed to have set them back, leading us they believe they are pleased with the results of their new car.

Overall, things seem about the same as they did last year, but with Ferrari bringing in a new driver alongside Vettel. We might see the red Italians make some exciting moves in the races to come. Therefore, betting on F1 in 2019 is a must, especially since the underdogs might just come through and shine brightly as the fight to keep Mercedes from the record Ferrari and Schumacher currently hold.

Bets to Use at Bookies in 2019

The bookies are bound to keep their sites up to date and provide the latest news coverage from the very second the cars get ready for the track. As per usual, there are many options to choose from, starting with race winners through to top six and even margin bets.

The fact is, there’ll be loads of great opportunities for everyone following the sport and keeping up with the cars and how the drivers are dealing with new regulations. We’re also looking forward to seeing if anyone manages first leads with the new wake design for vehicles, allowing followers to have more overtaking opportunities.

On top of it all, we see some new drivers with major teams and a few shifts from one side to the next as drivers sign new contracts. There are many reasons worth getting excited about for F1 in 2019 and the top five teams are sure to deliver amazing races throughout the year ahead.

Be sure to fund your sports betting account, check around for the best odds and keep a close eye on the latest for F1. Finally, get to know the betting options and see where you can squeeze in another small wager to improve your rewards!