It seems as if the New Orleans team is getting used to racking up the winnings as the game against Philadelphia results in their 9th win in a row, crushing the team with an impressive 48-7 win.

From the very beginning, the New Orleans team have it all going for them with offense stacking up 24 points within the first half. On the other hand, Philadelphia couldn’t quite keep up with the incredibly fast opponents and only managed to score 7 points in the same time. After the break, in the third quarter, things just went from bad to worse for the team as no points were scores and their opponents added yet another 14 to their total.

Part of the New Orleans success has to be directed and Drew Brees has certainly entered the game with the aim to win, and oh boy did he perform! Not only did he manage a pass of 363 yards, but the athlete also added four touchdowns to the game, giving him his third incredible performance and big win in a row. However, the isn’t the only shining star of the team as Mark Ingram contributed 2 touchdowns of his own.

With such a great win, the New Orleans team was ready for the next match, taking place only a week later, on their home grounds. The team stands ready to take on the Falcons who didn’t manage to make it past the Saints with a loss of 37 to 43 the last time they met in September. However, everyone is glued to their screens to see if the team can stack the winning streak to 10 in a row.

More About Drew Brees

Starting off his bright career at Purdue University by playing for the team and later moving on to become one of the Chargers in San Diego for 5 years as part of his early career. Drew Brees made the move to the New Orleans team in 2006 after various negotiations as the Miami team also shared great interest in the player.

The Saints made in an impressive $10 million offer for the first year and another $12 million if he decides to stick it out for another year. The Miami team did not account for the offer as they were unsure whether the athlete would completely recover from his shoulder injury that occurred only a few weeks earlier. He decided to sign with the Saints, locking in with a 6-year deal that came with a price tag of $60 million.

Now, more than 12 years later, Drew remains with the team and is now 39 years old, still delivering some of the most amazing performances the game has seem. The last game was simply amazing and I bet many folks had to look twice to make sure it was in fact the 39 year old quarterback adding those 4 touchdowns for the team.