There’s a lot happening in the world of baseball just before the new season starts with practice just around the corner. We see loads of changes to some of the biggest teams, which could have some interesting effects on the performance for the 2019 season.

While many of the changes have already occurred, there are still many possibilities in the pipeline, putting some pressure on the players still seeking to join one of the major teams. Luckily, there are many interested teams in just about all the players, making it an interesting event as teams aim high to get the best! Let’s have a look at some of the possible changes.

White Sox Want to Sign Machado or Harper

Both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper have attracted the attention of the White Sox team, who are in desperate need of new talent, especially when you consider their six-season losing streak.

GM Hahn has already said he is planning to get at least one of these players for his team, even though the odds are against it according to a Las Vegas post. In fact, the White Sox didn’t even appear on the top 7 teams who are most likely to get these players, which just makes it even more interesting to see how it all plays out.

Of course, both Harper and Machado are well worth signing, especially since they have both been involved with MLB for at least six years and have incredible records and award behind their name. The season seems a bit slow for them at the moment, giving the White Sox a small window of opportunity.

We’ve already seen the Padres team express interest in Manny and are actually planning to meet with the player as soon as possible. The meeting could even take place in Miami, but Matt Snyder is just planning to talk a few things over, meaning we’ll see some more rumours emerge, especially with the White Sox and other teams approaching as well.

Manny Remains a Hot Subject

After the White Sox made an offer of $175 million for a seven year deal, we saw his agent announce that it’s way below the expected market value. However, Manny hasn’t received any offers as yet, and his market seems extremely limited as it’s only the White Sox and Phillies currently showing interest.

Both these teams have also shown interest in Bryce Harper and have said only one of the players would be able to join their teams. The Phillies have had long meetings with Bryce, but no contracts have been confirmed, and no offers have been reported.

Should this happen, we might see Manny jumping to grab the White Sox offer, in which case Rick Hahn, the White Sox GM would be pleased as he stated the team would be disappointed if the Chicago team fails to sign Manny. There is some good news as we saw Manny wearing a White Sox cap, but no offers or deals have been confirmed.