The end of 2018 has been sad, exciting and surprising, all depending on the Motorsport you watch. While many of those emotions were due to how races ended and who won, many people also found some good and bad news with the regulations changing in 2019 in their favourite sports.

Overall, most of the changes are exciting and add a new aspect to the sport of F1. Not only will we see more overtaking in F1, but we’ll also see new racing weights and age limits in motocross. Overall, 2019 seems to present a bright and interesting range of features to the petrol heads of the world, leading to excellent racing entertainment for the season ahead.

Below, we look at some of the changes and how they will make things better for us as viewers. Some of the changes might seem to be a disadvantage and an advantage at the same time, but as we all know, we can really tell what they’ll do for the sport until the cars and bikes hit the track.


NASCAR is the first on the list as they are making changes to the current tapered spacer to reduce the power for 21 races in the next season after the Daytona 500. While we all want these cars to have more power, they NASCAR teams are making the racers more exciting this way as they force drivers to be better at what they do to stay ahead.

The tapered spacer is a plate that restricts the airflow of the engine. The teams have to change the place for tracks that are longer than 1.2 miles. The new plate will decrease the power from the standard 750hp down to 550hp, which is still more than enough power to deliver exciting races, but we might just see some new leaders come through who handle the turns and exit speeds better.

Formula 1

Formula 1 is sure to introduce an exciting range of races as the 2019 season comes along. We will once again see changes to the front and back wings along with smaller changes to the brakes and wheels. All of these are geared towards making the cars provide cleaner air out the back and allow the cars following to catch up easier to the leader.

The wake of the cars will provide as much as 30% cleaner air, which is a huge advantage for the cars slip-streaming. These changes form part of the 2021 vision for F1, changing it into a sport that’s not only exciting, but has all the over-taking action we need.

With these changes, we are sure to see an interesting range of events next season, which will introduce new winners for the season. The F1 season is sure to be one to keep your eye on as cars that usually finish lower than 5th might just make their way through.


Motocross is also making some great changes to their EMX250 series by limiting ages and introducing a whole new platform called the EMX250 t2 series, which of course gets the 250 2 strokes into the races for those who aren’t quite ready for the MX2 and MXGP series but want to move on from the EMX250 range.

They are also applying new age limits of 23 for the EMX250 series, meaning some of the racers need to move on either to the bigger racers or need to go with something like the 2 strokes. On top of that, we might even see some younger riders move onto the 2 strokes, which is sure to turn most classes upside down with exciting events and winners.