Sergio Perez Wins the Sakhir Grand Prix

Viewers worldwide couldn’t anticipate the events that’d unfold at the Sakhir Grand Prix on December 6th. The excitement amongst supporters grew after learning Lewis Hamilton had contracted Covid-19, and that George Russell would replace the seven-time champion. Most expected that Russell would stand victorious, maintaining F1s fastest vehicle in history. That wouldn’t happen for the British driver & a Mexican-born competitor would instead stand the victor. Racing Point’s Sergio Perez astonished supporters after claiming P1.

Mexico’s Sergio Perez displayed incredible skillsets on December 6th. An incident involving Max Verstappen & Charles Leclerc would prompt an immediate pitstop for Perez on Lap One. Sergio drops down to final position after this pitstop but would find the incredible pace at the Sakhir Grand Prix. Before the chequered flag, Sergio Perez would jump from P18 to P1. The victory was benefited by two Virtual Safety Cars & one Safety Car. It’s a superb finish for Perez, who doesn’t have a placement with any team for the 2021 Formula One Campaign.

Shock from Sergio

Reporters from Formula One questioned Sergio Perez on his victory after the race finish. Perez was nearly speechless, mentioning how he hopes not to be dreaming. Sergio said that for ten years he’s dreamed of this moment & won’t ever forget the incredible journey sustained with Racing Point for several years.

Sergio Perez didn’t end his sentiments there, mentioning that regardless of falling into the last place, he’ll never give up fighting for a podium position. He clarified that something about the Sakhir Grand Prix created a vibrationless vehicle, which felt more similar to limousines than an F1 car. Moments seen throughout the race indicated that Perez might suffer another pitstop, possibly marking his third. Sergio avoided his tyres exploding for multiple laps after locking up for two seconds. Everything worked perfectly for Perez to obtain podium. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on December 13th will conclude Sergio’s Formula One season until 2022.