Charles Leclerc Wins Chinese Virtual Grand Prix

Formula One has continued to manage their weekly races, except they aren’t being experienced in various locations worldwide. Instead, that weekly Grand Prix’s are sustained through the Formula One 2019 Video Game, which is designed by Codemasters. Switching to this format has enabled drivers like Antonio Giovinazzi, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc, Callum Illot, George Russel, Nico Hulkenberg, and many others to compete against each other for the excitement of supporters. The latest race was held at the Chinese Virtual Grand Prix, which saw Charles Leclerc dominate over the competition after a significant battle against Alex Albon.

Charles Leclerc displayed his formidable talents at the Albert Park Circuit, competing against other F1 and F2 Drivers that had the same specs as Ferrari’s youngest driver. This meant that the significant lead displayed by Charles Leclerc was managed by talents that outweigh other members on the field. Notable racers like George Russel and Carlos Sainz couldn’t keep up with Leclerc’s pace. Alexander Albon stood as an exclusive opponent against Charles, who managed to outpace Albon down the straights by altering the driver assists.

Additional Race Details

George Russel proved himself a capable driver, flying through the field after standing in 18th position. The Williams F1 Driver managed to obtain 2nd place on the grid by Lap 28, forcing Alexander Albon into 3rd position. It enabled one of the more unique Pole Positions with the Chinese Grand Prix. Supporters of Formula One expressed their desire to see a similar series of Pole Positions when the live events unfold this summer.

Alexander Albon lost his capabilities to obtain a 2nd Pole Position after being forced to make a final pit stop. What this showed was the significant pace difference between the initial two leaders and George Russel, who received the unexpected assist of Albon going into the Pits. This took 45+ seconds off Alexander’s lap time and enabled George Russel to overtake the Red Bull Driver by three car-lengths. It should be mentioned that the Chinese Virtual Grand Prix has been considered the best yet since being initiated one month ago. After significant training on behalf of these drivers, their formidable talents from Formula One is starting to transfer over to the video game.