Conor McGregor Announced 3rd Retirement from UFC

The Irishman is losing validity amongst his fanbase, proving himself more similar to the boy that cried wolf than a UFC Competitor. This follows after Conor McGregor announced his 3rd retirement from the Ultimate Fighters Championship, with this announcement coming on May 6th for millions of followers through his social media services. Gratefulness towards his fanbase was remarked in this retirement announcement, with thanks towards the amazing memories also being mentioned.

Most speculate that this retirement confirmation is falsified, merely meant to garner desire for his return & force Dana White’s hand to sign Conor McGregor for another fight under the Irishman’s terms. Considering that the UFC President is struggling to sustain the UFC during COVID-19 financially, Conor will notice his outdated strategy doesn’t hold the same weight it previously maintained. It should be mentioned that this is Conor McGregor’s third retirement since 2016, with an influx of his funds being spent on a lavish lifestyle. Returning to the competition will be inevitable & garner considerably fewer earnings than previously acquired by the Irishman.

McGregor is implementing every strategy possible to influence Dana White, including posting a photograph on Instagram that shows his daughter making a cake that says, “Happy Retirement Daddy”. UFC Fans bashed McGregor for what seems like a poor strategy, claiming that he isn’t fooling anybody into his retirement. Most fans noted that the current UFC roster outweighs capabilities shown by McGregor, leaving the Irishman to retire until a more suitable opponent is selected falsely.

UFC President Agrees with Conor’s Retirement

Dana White isn’t adhering to the requests of McGregor, which became evident over Conor’s Twitter remarks. It was mentioned that Dana White isn’t selecting McGregor for a title-fight, which follows days after the Irishman was promised this opportunity. It seems this decision is personal & follows the complicated history behind these two men.

When asked if he’d stop Conor McGregor from retirement, Dana White noted that the Irishman should & find something new that excites him. These remarks came after Conor mentioned that the Post-Coronavirus UFC doesn’t provide him adrenaline. The Irishman believes that fighting without millions of fans not cheering the McGregor name is pointless, showing Conor’s blatant ego again.