Could Ferrari Get Ahead of Hamilton in 2019

Formula 1 is sure to be one of the major sports to loop forward to in 2019. We have seen some interesting changes to the teams and the cars are also getting some changes, which allows the drivers to follow each other a lot closer and to give us the viewer better entertainment.

In 2018, we saw Hamilton dominate the leader board and taking yet another world champ to win at Abu Dhabi. In the second half of the season, we also saw Ferrari make some mistakes, which cost them a lot when consisting the points. Many are saying the final race of the season would have been very different if Ferrari managed to keep up with Hamilton.

Well, now with 2018 behind us, we look forward to yet another interesting line up of race drivers. Hamilton is sure to hit the track with loads of confidence as he edges closer to Schumacher’s record while Ferrari has a new addition to the team and also depends on Vettel to bring it home. So, could the Ferrari team have the edge it needs to catch up with Hamilton?

Hamilton Could be Over Confident

There’s no doubt that Hamilton has what it takes to be the next world champ, but would it be as easy as it was in 2018?

With the new changes to the cars, we might just see the cars getting a lot closer to each other, meaning Hamilton might not be able to have the same huge leads as we’ve seen in 2018. If he comes in overconfident, he high just finds himself under pressure as the red Ferrari drivers get closer in the mirror.

At the same time, Hamilton might just manage the same leads as before. However, the cars would produce a 30% cleaner wake, allowing the drivers behind the leaders to keep up easier. When you think about it, the Ferrari drivers (Vettel and Charles) don’t really need the advantage as they are both capable of keeping up with Hamilton and even taking the title from him.

Is Charles Leclerc a Threat?

Born in 1997, Charles hits the F1 grid as a young driver who has an impressive debut for the Alfa team. Now, he steps into one of the leaders in F1 and has what it takes to reach for the stars alongside Vettel.

So, is he a threat for Hamilton? Well, Hamilton would be rather foolish if he didn’t keep an eye on the new driver. Not only has Charles done incredibly well within his first year, but the racer has also been amazing with other forms of racing as well, including Formula 2 where he claimed the championship in 2017.

Now, with Vettel and the experienced Ferrari team to give him the tips he needs, he might just come out to become one of the best in the F1 sport, making him a deadly companion for the Italians.