Cricketers of South Africa 2

Eddie Barlow

Eddie Barlow played his first game for South Africa in 1961 against New Zealand. He became one of South Africa’s iconic cricketers and ambassador for South African sport. He was an opening batsman of note, a bowler of renown and an excellent slip fielder – an all-rounder. In all Eddie played 30 tests for South Africa only stopping when South African sport was boycotted worldwide and became isolated from international cricket in 1970. In a match in which he played the “Rest of the World” against England in 1970, he bowled a hat-trick and took another wicket with his fifth ball – four wickets with five balls!

He was selected to play in the Kerry Packer series in the World Series Cricket in ’77 – ’78, when South African cricketers could play international cricket under another flag. In ’76 he captained the Derbyshire, and his team played in the Benson and Hedges Cup in 1978.
He became the Bangladesh national coach in 1999 and was instrumental in the team getting international status. After suffering a stroke, he went on to coach in Wales from his mobile wheelchair. He died from a brain haemorrhage in 2005.

Jacque Kallis

Regarded as the most excellent all-rounder in the world and is considered one of South Africa’s best-ever batsmen. He scored 62 centuries in international cricket which placed him 5th in world cricket. His first game for South Africa was against England in ’95, and his last ODI was against Sri Lanka I 2014. He was a right-hand batsman and a right-hand fast-medium bowler.

Kallis inspired confidence in his team and fear in his opponents. His classic style was iconic and his presence inspiring, and he was unshakable and impervious to sledging and other distractions. He batted in 166 test matches and totalled over 13 000 runs, and he also played in 328 ODIs with over 11 000 runs. In his 166 tests, he took 292 wickets, and in the 328 ODIs, he took 273 wickets.

Dale Steyn

Dale’s first international was in 2004 against England. His forte was bowling as a right-arm fast bowler. A year later in ’05, he played in his first ODI against Asia X1. He batted in 93 tests achieving 1251 runs, and in 125 ODIs he took 196.

Possible South Africa’s most effective fast bowler and his skill at swinging the ball to the left and the right together with his fantastic accuracy it puts him right at the top of South African bowling. His mediocre beginnings soon gave way to his brilliance when he took 16 wickets against New Zealand in his second series. In the ’07-’08 series he took ten wickets in the first test and put Craig Cummings in intensive care when Cummings missed and took the ball in his face.

He was the fastest SA bowler to achieve 100 tests and was named ICC Test Player of the Year for taking 86 wickets in 14 matches. Steyn’s illustrious career started declining after he turned 30 and was plagued with numerous injuries, which hampered his game until he retired.