Daniel Ricciardo Won’t Return to the Nürburgring.

The Nürburgring Circuit is horrendously designed in-comparison to modern tracks for Formula One. That’s something motorsport analysts have questioned for years, with Daniel Ricciardo verifying October 17th. The Australian F1 Driver revealed that while competing at Nürburgring Circuit, he’d be afraid within moments after the Grand Prix had started. Ricciardo has refused to ever compete at the Nürburgring going forward, citing that it’s unsafe for the requirements of Formula One.

Daniel Ricciardo admitted that during the 1st lap of the Eifel Grand Prix, there was an unexpected error with his RS20 and prompted severe concern for the Australian. This also shows the driving prowess behind Daniel Ricciardo, who would manage to sustain his Renault-S20 after the unexpected error & bring himself to his first podium in years.

Admittance, in his failures, continued with Ricciardo clarifying that fear began years earlier in 2008. Twelve-years before the Eifel Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo had taken his respective vehicle to Nürburgring Circuit. That fear continued into 2020, with Daniel Ricciardo evoking he’ll never compete in the “Nürburgring 24-Hours Race”.

F1 Reporters questioned in Daniel Ricciardo had known what to expect at Nürburgring Circuit. It’s here that the Australian mentioned his past incident, then evoked he hadn’t mastered the track on simulator sessions & wasn’t provided ample opportunity to prepare with two practices being cancelled. Ricciardo achieving a podium finish at Nürburgring Circuit is shocking, displaying formidable prowess in Daniel’s driving skillsets.

Ricciardo’s First Time at the Nürburgring

Daniel Ricciardo revealed that during 2008, he’d taken his Fiat Punto to Nürburgring Circuit for a paid session. He wasn’t expecting how tight & flat-out the track was in specific locations, with other areas being windy with numerous bumps in the asphalt. It resulted in Daniel Ricciardo losing his Punto’s tyre grip & spinning towards the grass. Ricciardo mentioned that long before joining Formula One, he’d almost end his life by crashing into the barriers.

Ricciardo wouldn’t see his second stint at the Nürburgring Circuit until 2020 during the Eifel Grand Prix. Nearly crashing another time in the same area of the track has made Ricciardo unlikely to compete at the Nürburgring again.