Fernando Alonso Fails at Indy 500

The former driver for Scuderia Ferrari & McLaren Racing has found himself at the bottom-field in an attempt to obtain motorsports “Triple Crown”. This individual is Fernando Alonso, who raced at the Indianapolis 500 on August 23rd. Supporters of the Spanish driver were hoping P1 for Alonso, with his failure evident at P21.

Motorsport fans are notably disappointed with his failure. Fernando Alonso could’ve been the 2nd driver in history to obtain the Triple Crown, with the exclusive individual to earn this achievement being Graham Bill. Those wanting to become victorious over the Triple Crown must win the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Monaco Grand Prix, and Indianapolis 500. Considering that Fernando Alonso is returning to Formula One for 2021, it’s unlikely the Spanish racer will be given another opportunity at the Indy 500. Alonso has continuously struggled at the Indianapolis 500, with motorsport analysts anticipating his poor placement after qualifying.

Fernando Alonso competed with Arrow McLaren SP, which is powered through a Chevrolet engine & components. The poor performance of Chevrolet before Arrow McLaren became evident with Alonso placing 26th in Qualifying, managing to exceed that placement by five positions. There were few moments that Fernando looked confident in his Chevrolet-powered McLaren, resulting in notable tyre wear throughout the race. Alonso was pitted three times before Lap 66, with another two coming before Lap 200 arrived. This marks Fernando Alonso’s 3rd attempt & loss at the Indianapolis 500.

Alonso’s Championship Days are Over

The reign of Fernando Alonso is ending, with the racing driver slated to return to Formula One for the 2021 & 2022 seasons. He’ll be competing with Renault after Daniel Riccardo left for McLaren, and Carlos Sainz left for Scuderia Ferrari. Conditions of driving for Alonso with Renault are going to be notably different than his previous stint with this team. Unlike McLaren & Ferrari, Alonso won’t be given team performance roles at Renault. This means his recommendations towards future races will be noted but aren’t required to be implemented.

Selecting to rejoin Renault likely means Fernando Alonso won’t ever compete at the Indianapolis 500 again. The Spaniard will be 42 years old by the time his contract is over with Renault, where Alonso will likely try to extend his partnership with Reno, or more towards another F1 Team.