George Russel Has Competition with Vettel

Sebastian Vettel shocked the Formula One community when he revealed that he’d be parting ways with Ferrari after the 2020 Season. This decision follows after the German-born driver couldn’t obtain a championship victory for Ferrari since joining the Italian Team in 2015. Mattia Binotto was prompted to replace Vettel with Carlos Sainz, who showed more formidable skillsets in his McLaren than Sebastian in his Ferrari. This has left Sebastian Vettel is a challenging position of locating a new seat for the 2021 Season, with Red Bull confirming that Seb isn’t an option for them.

Renault wouldn’t be a logical option for the former champion, as it’ll lead to lower grid placements. That leaves the single option of Mercedes – AMG Petronas, with a possible seat available if Toto Wolff determines that Valtteri Bottas should be terminated. Vettel could be partnered with Lewis Hamilton, creating a unique opportunity for Mercedes on multiple levels.

Toto Wolff Provides Insight Towards Vettel

Multiple teams in Formula One were shocked by the announcement of Sebastian Vettel leaving Scuderia Ferrari. Toto Wolff was one of the team leaders not expecting this newly formed driver market. When questioned on the existence of Vettel joining Mercedes, Wolff noted that Seb is ending an era with Ferrari but remains a great driver. Toto remarked that Vettel is a performance-enhancing driver for any team, supporting a great personality that could fit alongside the strategies seen with Mercedes. There’s also the unique opportunity of Toto Wolff receiving his first German driver since Michael Schumacher, creating a marketing campaign that could see the Team reach pivotal success in its home nation.

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas Team Boss concluded his sentiments towards Sebastian Vettel by mentioning that their 1st debating on what to do with George Russel, the newest prodigy behind Toto Wolff. Depending on what the outcome is for this British-born racer, Vettel could be considered for the 2021 Season. The main priority is concluding the 2020 Season against the COVID-19 pandemic. Mercedes, Ferrari, and Renault are mainly considered about the associated financial loss with COVID-19. Prolonged delays and postponements of races could see all F1 teams inevitably leave the sport.