George Russel Wins Monaco Grand Prix

We’ve discussed before how Formula One has implemented the Virtual Grand Prix Series, replacing weekly races until the 2020 Season can resume. That’s not slated to begin for another two months, prompting multiple more tracks for fanatics to enjoy. May 24th marked the Monaco Virtual Grand Prix, which saw notable competitors like Charles Leclerc and Valtteri Bottas battle for the top position. The inevitable winner would be George Russel from Williams Formula One, which was praised by motorsport analysts with the British Driver holding a 39 Second Lead.

This marks the 2nd back-to-back victory for George Russel, with his Maiden Virtual Grand Prix Victory being obtained on May 17th at Catalunya. It was speculated that Russel and Leclerc would battle for 30+ laps at Monaco for the 1st place podium, which followed after George acquired 2nd in Qualifying.

The Schumacher Conundrum

The Podium would include George Russel in 1st, David Schumacher in 2nd, and Charles Leclerc in 3rd. Those unfamiliar with David Schumacher shouldn’t be surprised. His name is becoming popular in FIA Formula Three after Mick Schumacher moved up to Formula Two. David is the son of Ralf Schumacher, a Six-Time Formula One Grand Prix Winner. Mick Schumacher is the 1st born son to Michael Schumacher, the Seven-Time Formula One World Champion.

Roles have appeared to be reserved, with statistical records between David and Mick Schumacher being drastically different. David holds a higher history of victories, which has translated over to F1 2019. Mick Schumacher wasn’t able to maintain a formidable position in his attempt at Virtual Racing, prompting his removal since. Motorsport analysts are now questioning if David Schumacher is more deserving of the F2 Seat. Having the roles reversed would be pleasing for Ralf Schumacher, who regularly watched his cousin perform better. Envy would inevitably grow, and hatred would bloom. Ralf most likely secretly wants to see his Nephew fail on some level, allowing his son to rise beyond expectations.

The chances that David Schumacher is provided with the same opportunities as Mick is minimal. Most in Formula One will think of Mick as the prodigal son that’s meant to overcome his dad’s incredible records. Those individuals will inevitably be disappointed.