George Russell’s Future with Mercedes

Mercedes AMG-Petronas Team Boss Toto Wolff has discussed the future of George Russel again, seemingly a prominent conversation held with reporters that question the Mercedes leader. When questioned recently on his thought process behind the Williams & Russell contract negotiations, Toto Wolff would indicate that he felt relaxed, not having concern that the new owners of Williams would terminate Russell. Toto Wolff believes the performances shown by George Russell are unlike any other driver in Formula One, which is evident with his capability to take an underperforming vehicle & manage P11 regularly.

George Russell joining Mercedes AMG-Petronas would have been an influential step in the Brits future. However, Team Boss Toto Wolff selected to retain Valtteri Bottas & Lewis Hamilton. It resulted in George Russel maintaining his demotion to Williams for an additional two years. However, that decision could prove favourable for George Russell. Dorilton Capital are the second owners of William Racing & will provide the financial compensation needed to improve their vehicles for 2022. George Russell could find himself experiencing a faster car capable of podium positions in the following years.

That’s under the impression that Dorilton Capital retains George Russell for the 2022 season, with his contract sustaining until the end of 2021. Williams selecting to terminate Russell’s contract wouldn’t be unfavourable for the British racer either, with multiple teams likely to consider him for acquisition. There’d be an opportunity for George Russel with Aston Martin, a British racing team that will rival Mercedes AMG-Petronas by 2022.

Checo to Red Bull

Rumours indicated that Mexico’s Sergio Perez would transfer to Williams Racing for the 2021 season. However, it’d be confirmed by George Russel that this rumour never sustained any trust & was false information released by Perez’s PR team to create pressure onto Red Bull Racing. It’s expected that Checo could make his way to Red Bull by 2021, with Alex Albon still not confirmed for next year.

The ultimate goal for George Russell will be acquiring placement with Mercedes AMG-Petronas after Valtteri Bottas or Lewis Hamilton leaves the team. Toto Wolff is likely to always support Russell after being his official partner.