Hamilton Attacks Formula One Paddock

The Formula One World Champion is creating significant problems amongst his paddock of coworkers. Lewis Hamilton verbally assaulted the entire paddock, naming them out as living in a “White Dominated World”. His remarks follow after protests regarding George Floyd have occurred throughout the United States, and the United Kingdom. Protests in the UK are considered foolish, with this social issue not reflecting their respective nation. Lewis Hamilton hasn’t experienced the integral racism associated with living in rural communities throughout the United States, with his life more reminiscent of wealthy children in the F1 community.

There have been multiple Formula One supporters that’ve expressed Hamilton is creating problems that aren’t necessary. This motorsports involvement with political events in the United States shouldn’t be considered, with Hamilton directing his anger towards racism in America at the F1 paddock. Since Hamilton verbally assaulted thousands in the F1 Paddock, multiple drivers have made their respective statements on the matter. Some seem genuine & others appear to point towards hidden anger at Hamilton, who inevitably made these men look as racists when that the furthest thing from reality. It’s now suspected that the minimal friend’s Hamilton had in Formula One have now been lost.

The actions of Lewis Hamilton almost cement his closure with Formula One after 2021. Toto Wolff would’ve taken these remarks personally, with this German-Caucasian Male providing Hamilton with the opportunity to win six world championships. Directing anger towards the “White Dominated F1 Paddock” will sustain substantial fallout for Hamilton. It should be noted that a large percentage of active personnel with Formula One isn’t Caucasian, with this extending towards their drivers. Carlos Sainz & Alex Albon are respectively Spanish and Filipino. Hamilton claimed in his remarks to Formula One that he’s the exclusive individual of colour, showing the blatant ego behind the ageing superstar.

Lewis Hamilton believes that at this moment, his motorsport should be concerned with the death of George Floyd in America than their survival over the next decade after COVID-19. It should be noted that this falls in line with Hamilton’s character since becoming a champion. Lewis believes he’s an ambassador of the people when he’s merely an F1 Driver that models for Tommy Hilfiger. The drivers that understand their position in this community will ultimately have the most extended survival.