Kamaru Usman Verbally Slams McGregor

The Welterweight UFC Champion has targeted Conor McGregor, who is now retired & won’t be accepted back into the Ultimate Fighting Championship by Dana White. That hasn’t stopped Kamaru Usman from verbally slamming the Irishman over TMZ Sports. Known as the Nigerian Nightmare, Kamaru remarked that himself & Conor McGregor had discussed competing in the octagon. When the time came to make an official contract with the UFC, Kamaru noted that the Irishman wasn’t anywhere to be found.

Multiple competitors from other divisions in the UFC had claimed that McGregor discussed fighting them, only to back down when the next stage arose. It’s typical behaviour for the Irishman because the possibility of battle certain opponents grows his respective companies, which earns higher profits on his alcoholic & clothing brands. That doesn’t sit particularly well with the Nigerian Nightmare, who has recently dominated over the Welterweight Division & defeated the likes of Jorge Masvidal.

Conor McGregor publicly attacked Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal earlier this year, inevitably backing down from that competition & announcing his retirement. The Irishman retired over financial disputes with Dana White, believing his presence should garner $50 million during the coronavirus pandemic. No athlete is making such ridiculous salaries in 2020.

The Interview with TMZ Sports

Kamaru Usman verbally assaulted Conor McGregor on TMZ Sports. He indicated that if the Irishman wants to talk poorly about him, then get into the octagon & stop running away. The Nigerian Nightmare than iterated that McGregor won’t ever compete against anyone that hasn’t maintained Double-Digital Losses & isn’t in the lightweight division, noting that it’s the particular way for Conor to win fights.

The Future of Conor McGregor

Most believe that McGregor’s last bout against Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone was faked, showing that the Irishman has lost MMA skillsets required for the octagon is his older age. Conor should move forward with the WWE, which has been rumoured for some time now. McGregor could support a longer career in professional wrestling than ever in the UFC. Since money is all that Conor cares about, it’s suspected that contract negotiations with the WWE have begun or are inevitable. We’ll update our readers if McGregor ends up fighting Usman or moving onto professional wrestling.