Lando Norris Talks Sim Racing with Autosport

An influential driver in Formula One spoke with Autosport Magazine regarding his eSports Sim Racing Career. This follows after Lando Norris obtain the assistance of his former F1 Engineer, who has moved towards IndyCar. Andrew Jarvis and Lando Norris have been working together towards perfecting the British F1 Drivers talents with the iRacing IndyCar Series.

They’d planned on winning a second Grand Prix Venue with IndyCar after Norris won his first race last weekend. Competing at Circuit of the Americas on April 16th, Lando won the event against competitors on the IndyCar Circuit. This win prompted Norris to contract Jarvis for the remainder of these races as his primary Engineer. Their efforts would be destroyed by the foolishness and immaturity of the IndyCar Champion.

Lando Norris spoke with reporters at Autosport Magazine, providing insightful detail into the world of Sim Racing. He noted that the technologies had improved drastically in recent years, enabling authentic drivers to prepare themselves with strategies that benefit on virtual tracks and their real-life counterparts. Lando would inevitably be asked about the actions of Simon Pagenaud.

The British Drivers Interview

The 20 Years of Age F1 Driver remarked that training for this IndyCar was the most he’d ever done with Sim Racing. He brought in the assistance of the McLaren Arrow SP Team, including Andrew Jarvis and Ollie Askew. Additional aid was provided with Pat Ward and Robbie Wickens. This group of five worked through in-depth data to ensure a secondary win with IndyCar Racing. Lando learned peak strategies that’d enable him to overtake on unexpected corners. That’s when Norris moved towards Simon Pagenaud, mentioning that he’d apologized, but this doesn’t excuse the behaviour displayed on-track.

Simon purposely braked near the Pit Lane when Lando Norris was coming out from his Stop. This forced Lando to slow down his vehicle, losing any possibility of overtaking. It instead prompted a significant crash that saw the Virtual McLaren Arrow SP Car fly into the bleachers. Regardless of the events that unfolded this weekend, Lando Norris continues to express that Sim Racing is becoming more similar to the real thing with every additional improvement.