Lewis Hamilton Makes Shocking Revelation for 2021 F1 Campaign

Global supporters of Formula One have been shocked with a revelation made by Lewis Hamilton. The six-time champion of Formula One admitted after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix that there isn’t any guarantee he’ll remain in F1 after 2020. His admittance comes after Lewis Hamilton hasn’t been re-signed to Mercedes AMG-Petronas & teammate Valtteri Bottas has received a contract for 2021. Hamilton could depart with his influential team after learning that Toto Wolff could retire as team boss after 2020. It’s expected that Mercedes AMG-Petronas will drastically decline after Toto Wolff leaves the role of team boss & moved into Chairman or CEO.

It’s been expected for a prolonged period that Lewis Hamilton would resign early into the 2020 F1 Campaign. However, weekends have come & gone without an official announcement. When Valtteri Bottas was confirmed before Lewis Hamilton, the F1 Paddock knew that something had shifted at Mercedes. It wouldn’t be long after that Toto Wolff confirmed he’d be taking another role with the motorsport racing team. SkySports requested that Lewis Hamilton provide clarification on his future in Formula One. After Mercedes AMG-Petronas won the 2020 Constructors Championship at the Emilia Romagna GP & didn’t confirm that Lewis Hamilton had been resigned, the question of his future was inevitable.

Possibly Leaving of a High

SkySports continued pressing Lewis Hamilton for additional information, asking if Toto Wolff’s future is dependant on his own. The six-time champion of Formula One clarified that he isn’t aware if he’ll be here in 2021 and that it’s not a concern for him right now. It’d be incredible for Lewis Hamilton to retire in his prime after defeating all of Michael Schumacher’s records & obtaining the same seven championship titles. It’d show that Hamilton has the maturity to move forward after accomplishing all his goals & dreams; something most drivers aren’t capable of doing.

Lewis Hamilton mentioned during the interview that when his Formula One career is over, multiple business opportunities excite himself. That’s not surprising considering that Hamilton is an influential designer for Tommy Hilfiger. It could be time for Lewis Hamilton to make a career shift.