McGregor is Engaged

One of UFCs most notable legends has announced his engagement to Dee Devlin. Conor McGregor confirmed via social media that he’d proposed to his girlfriend of twelve-years, popping the question days before her 33rd Birthday. The engagement confirmation was released to Instagram with a photograph of Dee Devlin wearing a substantial diamond ring on her wedding finger. McGregor would caption the photo by remarking an incredible birthday for his upcoming bridge.

Responses on social media highlighted the fact that Conor McGregor took considerably longer to propose the question, with Dee Devlin & the former Lightweight UFC Champion having a son that’s three years old. They’ve also got a daughter that’s one. McGregor’s Haters questioned why the UFC Fighter hadn’t proposed the question to Dee Devlin on numerous other occasions. Responses from McGregor would be none.

There have been a few times that Conor “Notorious” McGregor has spoken about Dee Devlin publicly. The one instance this occurred, the former UFC Champion remarked that she’d been a standing force in his MMA career since the beginning. He’d emphasize that without Devlin, his accomplishments in the Ultimate Fighting Championship would’ve likely been impossible.

Notorious noted in the rare sentiments about Dee Devlin that allowing her to be a stay-at-home mom, travel the world, a beautiful home, and everything she could ever desire fills him with incredible pride. He’d remark that it’s these core values that prompt him to continue onwards with professional fighting. However, sentiments about Dee Devlin were made before his 3rd Retirement.

For How Long?

UFC Analysts continually question the length of Conor McGregor’s 3rd Retirement. However, those individuals could find themselves never seeing Notorious return into the Octagon. McGregor is 32, meaning his athletic body is slowly dwindling in comparison to younger fighters in the UFC. It’s prompted Conor McGregor to begin discussions with Vince McMahon from the WWE.

Notorious could switch towards professional wrestling, which primarily involves acting over physical destruction. There’d be a considerable downgrade in payment if Conor selected the WWE, with a notable increase in travelling. He’d appear weekly in front of millions, which is considerably different to what Conor’s accustomed to with the UFC. He’s normalized to two or three fights per year, not the potential of 52.