Miami Grand Prix on Schedule for 2021

The Ex-CEO of Formula One has confirmed that internal strategies to sustain a Grand Prix in Miami are still being upheld. This means Americans will see “Circuit of the Americas” removed from F1 scheduling for the Miami Circuit. Chase Carey confirmed that scheduling for the Miami GP would likely be next summer at the Dolphins Stadium. Ex-CEO Chase Carey has made this unexpected announcement after politicians & residents have disputed Formula One entering the region. However, finances into the economy speak more than personal opinions.

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic altered an international sense of normalcy, politicians collectively agreed that postponing the introduction of a Miami GP is best suited for locals. That joint decision will likely be outweighed by prominent figures in the Federal Government, knowing that an increased presence of Formula One in America, will benefit their international status in the European Union.

The Saudi Arabia GP

It appears that the Formula International Association is preparing for the unlikely outcome that a Miami GP is cancelled until 2022. That contingency plan includes adding the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2021, which has been confirmed as of November 7th. It’ll mark the first instance that Formula One has competed inside the borders of Saudi Arabia. That means three nations in the Middle East that maintain Grand Prix’s for Formula One.

European & American supporters have grown weary over the factor that FIA Schedulers continually select Middle Eastern circuits. It’s becoming a minor complaint associated with drivers. This isn’t because of racial prejudice, with these complaints surrounding lack of driveability in desert-sand conditions. Tracks like Bahrain & Azerbaijan create unfavourable conditions for Formula One drivers, often leading to unnecessary crashes. That wouldn’t be the case permitting that FIA Schedulers select normalized tracks in Europe or America.

The Formula International Association often ignores complaints issued by drivers, team personnel, and paddock supporters. The FIA in recent years has become a motorsport mafia, enforcing unnecessary changes onto Formula One. 2020 saw the FIA introduce financial limitations on driver salary & car development, which has also evoked a notable backlash from supporting fans.