Michael Jordan Purchases NASCAR Team

The NASCAR community was shocked to hear that Michael Jordan, a legendary athlete from the National Basketball Association, has partnered with Denny Hamlin to create a NASCAR team. Announcing their acquisition of a NASCAR team, details on its official name & racing colours wasn’t revealed. Michael Jordan did announce that Bubba Wallace will take the role of primary driver. That’s because both Bubba & Michael are African America Males, who have both faced respective racism in the sporting community. They’ll combat the racism in NASCAR starting in 2021.

Michael Jordan entered the NASCAR community one day after Jefferson Slack joined Formula One. Jefferson Stack is the former marketing manager for Michael Jordan, and now works for Racing Point in F1 as their “Managing Director, Marketing, and Commercial”. Both were mutually in agreeance upon their departure. While Jefferson Slack is taking a marketing role, Michael Jordan is entering a leadership role.

When questioned on his opinion towards entering motorsports, Michael Jordan emphasized that the timing seemed perfect for an African America team owner to enter NASCAR. The NBA Champion remarked that North Carolina was where he grew up, and that his parents or brothers would attend races with him. Often his sisters would even join the festivities, and subsequently made Michael Jordan a lifelong fan of NASCAR.

Michael Jordan clarified that operating a NASCAR team with Denny Hamlin & having Bubba Wallace drive for them, is an exciting opportunity that can change the course of this motorsport. Jordan evoked that NASCAR has struggled with diversity since it’s inception, and that black owners have been minimal. However, he praised NASCAR Executives for embracing social change & racial equality.

Bubba Wallace Selection was Easy

Statements from Michael Jordan finalized by stating he’ll continue to commit & donate towards systematic racism against African Americans. Michael see’s NASCAR as an opportunity to educate an audience that’s often uneducated. It should be mentioned that Denny Hamlin was also questioned on the selection of Bubba Wallace. He’d clarify the decision was simple because Bubba has shown significant improvement recently. His drive towards becoming a champion is evidently clear.