Mike Perry Apologizes for Wrongful Behaviour

Problems have arisen for Mike “Platinum” Perry in the UFC. His career was already near ending before acquiring victory for Mikey Gall in June 2020. Since that victory, things have gotten worse for Perry, who is facing an onslaught of personal demons that are subsequently affecting his lifestyle & career.

The 1st substantial problem for Mike Perry followed earlier in 2019 when attacking an older man, with this violent altercation placing the assaulted in hospital for a prolonged period. Shortly after the revelation that Perry had nearly taken the life of an older man, it was announced that his Ex-Wife would release a novel regarding their marriage. Danielle Nickerson will likely demolish any likelihood of Mike Perry maintaining a UFC Career. Some that’ve read the material pre-emptively note that it’ll propel “Platinum” into Koppenhaver levels.

The 3rd problem was video evidence showing that Mike “Platinum” Perry used racial slurs directed at African Americans several times. Each incident resulted in Mike coming out unscathed, including zero charges for hospitalizing an older adult. Repercussions for this UFC Fighter are evident & much needed, with even Perry himself recognizing he must be stopped. It’s prompted Mike “Platinum” to contest he’s changing his ways & becoming a better man.

Twitter Combat

An official statement was released through Mike Perry’s Twitter Handle, where he emphasized a desire to become a better family role model for his unborn son. His desire to become a better man extended towards his latest Girlfriend & the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He’d apologize for recent actions that have substantially impacted relationships with the UFC, and family members.

Latory Gonzalez, the Girlfriend & new personnel permitted to attend Mike “Platinum” Perry’s UFC Corner in June, announced that she was pregnant with their 1st child. After his Ex-Wife learned that he’d impregnated his Girlfriend, Danielle Nickerson evoked through Twitter that what Mike Perry did wasn’t okay & won’t ever be acceptable, that she’s done being silent. This suggests that an influx of accusations for domestic abuse will come in her novel.

Mike Perry avoided the statements made by his Ex-Wife Danielle Nickerson, announcing instead through his Twitter Handle that he’s accepted the assistance of UFC Doctors & will begin attending a treatment program for alcohol abuse.