Nurmagomedov Manager Angered by Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts have disturbed & angered the manager of Khabib Nurmagomedov, with Ali Abdelaziz’s unrest coming after witnessing the front cover for “EA Sports: UFC Four”. The manager was rattled when noticing that Khabib Nurmagomedov wasn’t selected for the front cover. Details on who is being portrayed weren’t revealed by Ali Abdelaziz, with that information slated to arrive by July 11th.

The 4th Edition of Electronic Arts UFC Franchise will be unveiled on July 11th, which is the same date for the 251st Ultimate Fighting Competition PPV. Posters for UFC 251 show Kamaru Usman & Gilbert Burns headlining this venue, with targeted advertisements relating to the upcoming gaming reveal. Rumours indicate that Conor McGregor or Justin Gaethje have been selected, with this marking a 2nd time for the Irishman. It’d be better to choose Gaethje Justin after his dominate rise through the UFC lightweight division, especially after Conor McGregor announced his retirement earlier this month.

Details regarding “EA Sports: UFC Four” haven’t been provided by Electronic Arts. Inside sources have claimed that Tyson Fury & Anthony Joshua will become playable characters, similar to Mike Tyson in the 2nd edition of this franchise. If these rumours are proven to be correct, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Tyson Fury selected for the front cover. His comeback story to professional boxing ruled over late 2019 & early 2020.

Sentiments from Ali Abdelaziz

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager provided his sentiments on this issue through Twitter. An image was shown of the Russian Middle Eastern Fighter, with Khabib displayed on the front cover of “EA Sports: UFC 4”. Ali Abdelaziz would then remark that Electronic Arts selected a fight with double-digit losses. This indicates one individual in the UFC that’s become a notable superstar, with that being Jorge Masvidal.

This decision would be shocking after Dana White & Jorge Masvidal had continued arguments over the last month, with those heated discussions regarding payment for upcoming fights. It’s not expected that Masvidal will return after these arguments, with multiple other competitors also leaving the UFC because of Dana White. This included Jon Jones & Conor McGregor.