Poor Performance for Ferrari During Testing

Motorsport analysts have been shocked with the concept that Ferrari could be one of the lesser team entering into the 2020 season. This follows after pre-season testing indicated their speed in the corners and straights had dampened compared to last season. After the noticeable difference, the Team Boss spoke to reporters. Mattia Binotto confirmed that the entire car needs improving before the launch of the upcoming season on March 15th.

The general perception has become that Team Ferrari is considerably off the pace from Mercedes AMG-Petronas and Red Bull – Astron Martin Racing. Reporters questioned Binotto on what he meant when saying the entire car needs improving. He responded by expressing the power unit, downforce, cornering capabilities and overall setup needs to be altered.

Lacking in speed has forced Ferrari to downplay their expectations for the upcoming season, meaning they’ve kept quite in comparison to competing outfits. When it applies to twelve month ago during 2019 testing, Ferrari was considering the dominating team and then lost that dominance to Mercedes. History is firmly expected to repeat itself throughout 2020. One of the ways that Ferrari can avoid repeated history is by implementing a new front wing, providing greater downforce. This would repeat the straight line speeds Ferrari maintained throughout 2020.

Mattia Binotto officially stated: I don’t think it is to relieve pressure. When you’re not going as fast as you would like or you should, you get the pressure. As Ferrari, we only have one objective. If you are not reaching it, you cannot be relieved. We’re not playing games; this is our true performance at the moment. How good or bad it is, it’s only after the first three races we will have a clearer picture. The pressure is there. The pressure should be seen as a motivation, not a drama.”

Speaking about the Delta Speed, Binotto stated to F1 Reporters: “When you’re speaking about delta speed, it’s all relative to the others,” he said. “We are where we thought we’d be. We knew we had put a lot of drag, we knew the power unit performance, so that is the speed we were expecting. The others are a lot faster on the straights, that is the situation.”