Sandboarding is for Everyone

Everyone hates those Saturday mornings, waking up at 07:30, the entire day ahead of you with nothing to do. You’ve run out of true crime and Game of Thrones to watch, and you want to get out. Don’t even get to that point, plan, make a call before Friday and book to try out sandboarding.

Bragging Rights

There are an excellent team of guys in the garden route, who take groups out to “Tame the Dragon”. This is a beautiful workout; an extremely satisfying event, and you’ll want to keep going back for more. The 3-hour session is presented to you by the Dragon Dune Boys. It caters for everyone, plus it allows for great selfies and excellent bragging rights as these dunes have been featured on the travel channel and the national geographic. With a name like Dragon Dune, who wouldn’t be impressed? The dunes are located on a private beach, so the sites are pristine. Standing at the top of a dune with a 180-meter slope at your feet is somewhat daunting, but you will be supplied with boards for going down on your tummy, and if you have a partner with you, try out the sandwich.

Nerves, Fun, Sand, Logistics and Sun

So, the picture for a second the idea of travelling towards the meeting point, heart pounding, knees shaking and smiles stretching from ear to ear, not knowing what lies ahead. Then you meet the team and others in the group, you see the same nervous smiles all round, but your nerves are settled once you see the 10-year olds going with, and hear the “Howzit man, you here for sandboarding?” from the friendly, down to earth instructor.

You travel in convoy to a private farm with your nerves peeking again, cracking silly jokes to try to hide them. You all jump onto the back of a bakkie and take a drive along a sand path, your inner voice says, “this is not too bad, this seems pretty flat” oblivious to what lies ahead. You jump off the back of the bakkie, feel the ice-cold sand between your toes, are handed aboard nearly as tall as you and are given the logistics.

You will need to figure out if you are goofy or natural footed (which foot goes in front). And if you were hoping to pick up that handsome man or pretty lady, it won’t be happening. As cool as you might look “surfing” down the face of the dune, getting to the edge once your feet are strapped in is both ridiculous and unflattering, but oh-so-funny, plus there is the chance of face-planting, or bum was bouncing at the bottom.