Surfers Alerted of Storm with Hawaii Invitational

When you think of the islands of Hawaii, your mind immediately goes to sandy beaches and stunning volcanoes. However, these islands occasionally experience their version of winter. Though they won’t have any snow fall to the ground, the coastal regions will have increased winds and Hurricane-force winds. Subsequently, this has forced the Eddie Aikau Big Wave International to alert all their professional surfers of the upcoming weather forecasts at Waimea Bay. This information comes directly from the contest director, who clarified that these swells wouldn’t be ridable for some of the world’s greatest surfers.

These overbearing waves have been prompted by a substantial storm that’s been formulating in the Northern Pacific Ocean. This system is moving towards the eastern islands of Hawaii. It’s anticipated that after this store dissipates on the islands, it’ll continue travelling east until hitting California. One of the forecasters noted that these storms would create the most significant waves surfers have seen in decades, especially in the island of Oahu where the Big Wave International takes place. Subsequently, multiple surfers are standing by, waiting to find out if the competition will be postponed. There have even been professional athletes to back out already, protecting their safety in the process.

Details on the Big Wave International

Weather forecasters providing information to these surfers expressed that original models displayed that peak times would arrive ten hours before the invitational. Considering that this event isn’t held yearly, contest authorities have been reluctant to cancel this tournament. Usually, the waves maintained at this event are 20-feet, which is slated to be upwards of 50-feet with the horrendous weather conditions. Due to regulations with Waimea Beach, this event cannot be postponed under any circumstance. This is because of the popularity related to Waimea Beach, which sees more than one million visitors yearly.

The Big Wave Invitational is noted for being the highest-rated sporting event with Surfing. It’s considered the Superbowl for fans, with the contest being named after one of the greatest surfers in the history of the sport. Eddie Aikau was lost to the Pacific Ocean from an unexpected storm that occurred while he was fishing, after many days at sea, he became distressed. It’s known that he paddled his surfboard in search of help, abandoning his ship. He’d never be seen again. Those wanting to honour Eddie Aikau by taking to these waves will need to become the newly formed legends of the sport. Water temperatures will be incredibly cold; the wind will barrel down onto the surfers and waves will act in unexpected ways. All of these elements create a disaster.