Surfing – the Best Sport Ever

No one knows precisely where surfing originated or when, but the first reports of it were in 1767 in Tahiti. Many believe it goes further back than that and was so crucial to ancients that their surfing ability determined their rank in the tribe, the best surfer being the chief but no matter where and when it came about, people all over the world for millennia to come will be forever grateful.
When one thinks of surfing, they think of sand, sea and sun, beautiful brown bodies and sun-kissed blond hair. The laidback easy-going aura of almost all surfers is attractive and captivating. There is so much more to it.

Surfing for Fitness

This sport is, by all means, a full-body workout. Paddling to the back of the waves requires core strength for balance, clenched buttocks assures stability, and arm strength for fighting against the tides. Then there is the duck diving, pushing up and the rail to rail manoeuvres that exercise muscles you didn’t know you had. Surfing forces breathing exercises without 100% focus, making them almost natural, holding your breath when ducking under a wave, breathing to the rhythm of your arm strokes and breathing from the diaphragm as this helps with the balancing.

Surfing for Meditation

There is nothing more peaceful than being on your board, out in the ocean, the gentle ripples lapping at your board. You could be no closer to nature if you tried, you are in the environment. There is so much going on beneath you that you can’t even imagine, and if you are as lucky as many, you will be greeted by seabirds, seals and maybe even dolphins. This is it, the best kind of solitude and the best exercise for mind and soul.

Surfing as Entertainment

We have already mentioned the well chiselled, god-like, bronze tanned bodies, but besides that, the vibe at a surfing contest is like no other. Sitting on your beach towel, licking an ice-cream cheering as if the surfers can hear you and seeing them execute sky high, captivating, 360⁰ aerial moves. The thrill and suspense waiting on heat results or even just holding your breath hoping that they don’t get dumped by the enormous waves are more attention-grabbing and entertaining than any scary movie ever, plus it’s free to watch, “bonus” as the surfers would say.

Surfing for the Traveller

There are breath-taking surfing spots all around the world. If you base your travel plans on your most prominent love, you are sure to have memories for life, and if your partner goes with, it is even better. Travelling to surf or surfing while travelling will possibly be the best decision you have ever made, yet if you are following a surf tour. Surfers usually travel light, light in luggage and light of pocket, so you could pick up a money-saving tip or two while soaking up the rays.