Surfing Waves at Melbourne Airport

Australia is well known for its coastal surfing, which holds yearly competitions and exciting adventures for young surfers. However, with the increase of coral reefs dying and an ever-looming shark presence, Melbourne has created their first humanmade surfing park for Australians. This humanmade park is located at the Melbourne Airport and creates the perfect waves for fans of the sport. The announcement of the park was so significant that notable entertainment stars like Chris Hemsworth made an appearance at the Melbourne Airport. He was one of the first to surf these waves ahead of the grand summer opening.

The Melbourne Airport Surfing Park is located in a two-hectare lagoon that is similar in size to Tullamarine. The design is similar to a baseball field, allowing for the perfect waves to be made on the right and left breaks. The benefit to this humanmade surfing park is that waves can be adjusted in size and speed with modernised systems called a WaveGarden. Additionally, there will be coaches on hand to train vistiors  to theMelbourne Airport visitors with prior knowledge of surfing. This was made possible by partnering with the Surfing Victoria Institute.

Accommodations for All

There will be moments throughout the summer where inexperienced surfers will have the option to participate in lessons. Coaching staff and trainers will work extensively with beginners to give them a viable one-time experience before surfing the coasts of Australia. The Founder of Melbourne’s Surfing Park noted that it doesn’t matter if you’ve never stood on a surfboard or have capabilities to perform the best tricks worldwide, this surf park can accommodate the consumer’s needs. He anticipates that this location will become new for the surf community of Victoria and become a tourist destination for Melbourne Airport visitors.

The Chief of Property for the Melbourne Airport was quoted with saying that this surf park will be fantastic for the airport and allow the travel hub to become part of the elite sports precinct in Australia. Some other surfers who tested out the new facility include Sally Fitzgibbons and Julian Wilson, who are two of the most known athletes in the sport. They are slated to surf for the Australian National Surfing Team at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. After Hemsworth and these female surfers participated at the event, they were spotted having lunch at the venue’s new restaurant location. Those wanting to attend this park can start their first lesson on January 1st, 2020.