The Dana White Conundrum

Power dynamics throughout the UFC have shifted after COVID-19. Fighters that dominated over this competition & garnered millions for investors have been shunned by Dana White. This primarily relates to the associated cost of obtaining these fighters, which the UFC President isn’t paying after experiencing losses from COVID-19. It’s prompted for top roster competitors to retire from the UFC, with multiple others considering similar actions.

Jorge Masvidal is one of the individuals that has been targeted by Dana White. It’s prompted the BMF Titleholder to public express his opinions of the UFC multiple times over recent weeks. His latest sentiments note that Dana White is continuously extending the length of his contract, forcing him to remain locked up & not become a free agent. It avoids Dana White having to provide Jorge Masvidal with an accurate salary. Masvidal has quickly grown into one of the more prominent UFC fighters, with him demanding a 4-Fight Contract. It’s a take it or leave it agreement for Jorge Masvidal & will retire from the UFC is Dana White doesn’t agree to respectful negotiations.

Masvidal noted that his “Take it or Leave It” position comes after Dana White implemented similar negotiation tactics. It’s the bullish tactics that Dana White has shown to Jorge Masvidal, Conor McGregor, and Jon Jones that their UFC President doesn’t respect the fighter’s perspective.

Dana White Responds to Masvidal

Podcasts have become an integral entertainment format, with notable celebrities often revealing more information than needed. This happened again on the MMA Junkie Podcast with Danny Segura. This Podcast Host would ask Dana White for details on the Masvidal scenario, which extends towards other top roster competitors.

The UFC President remarked that if these men want to compete, their welcome to call & a fight will be offered based on the UFCs payment system. Those that don’t want to fight aren’t required to any longer. It’s sentiments of this nature from Dana White that’s causing for him to lose his best competitors, which will destroy profits before 2022. Additional retirements since March 2020 includes Conor McGregor and Jon Jones.